No driver found

Release Date-07-25-14
FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5
Asterisk 1.8 or 11

I’m trying to install the distro above, but I’m being prompted with "No driver found"
I’ve never had this issue with clean installations, via past distros.

Any ideas?
How can I identify which component(s) is prompting this?

Well, information gathering through:

  • lspci
  • dmesg
  • /var/log/messages (once installed)
  • /mnt/sysimage/root/install.log (during install)
  • /root/install.log (after install)

would help in troubleshooting.

It was found that the onboard NIC of the m/b wasn’t supported by the packaged Linux kernel.
NIC for your reference: Killer E2205

Well, it’s always a matter of which Hardware you plan to use when you want to deploy a software solution (In your case, regarding the NIC you have, read here and especially the statement - wrote in 2013 - about “…The E2200 series is supported with Linux kernel 3.10 and higher…”): the more “esoteric” (read: new, very uncommon or highly specific) the more you may likely have issues (especially when trying a Linux Distribution which doesn’t live on the edge) if you don’t take care of that before (read: select the Hardware considering the type of Software - in this case a Linux distribution - you’re going to install/run on it).