No driver found on install attempt

I just purchased an ASUS Desktop to install FreePBX on. This is where I have run into a No driver found error, and I am unable to complete an install. I have downloaded and created the latest iso. (1.813.210.58). A link to all the drivers for the machine I purchased is here:

I notice that the error comes after an attempt to install the SCSI driver. I have tried putting the drivers on a thumb drive, and use a driver disk, but that seems to get me nowhere. Any assistance would be appreciated.

To anyone who may cross this issue in the future. I realized the issue was with my NIC. I changed the NIC with an older card and now I am able to complete the install. Not a fix, but a workaround at least.

I wish I could be of more help. The issue seems to be that the FreePBX install does not include a driver for “something” on the system. It does not tell you which driver is missing, so it could be any number of things. I also have not yet learned how to import the correct drivers. I will update this post if I come across any info that might help you. I would still prefer to use my on board NIC rather than the old cards I am using temporarily.

I had just used your method to solve the same issue, but it doesn’t work.

Are you doing the net-install on the complete ISO?

I completed my install with the FreePBX ISO - 64 BIT version 1.815.210.58

try googling AR81Family-linux. Find the driver and download to a directory, then something like:

tar -xzvf AR81Family-Linux-v1.0.1.9.tar.gz

sudo su

make install

modprobe atl1e



DungeonMaster3000 thank you so much for your help! I followed your link, but I am not sure what file to download, or even how to download the file to my PBX box.

Why not download the zip (L1 I believe) to your pc, extract the data to a usb stick and load from on your freepbx machine, copy over to a src directory and do the make install from there.

maybe be useful link (but you’d need to change slightly):