No Data Found in Reports

I get a “No data found !!!” when i run the reports, no matter what options i use. Not sure where to look for errors/settings for the reports.


I’m guessing your CDR’s are not being saved to MySQL. Check the configuration and make sure the appropriate addon modules are loaded in asterisk.

Sounds good, what are the appropriate modules?

I am having the same issue.
the cdr is not logging calls.

depending on if you hand built it or used a distro the directions and steps are different. What you need is the asterisk_addon parts. For a distro they normally have a RPM the you just select and install. If you hand built it you’ll need to download the code and follow the directions in the README to make it.

Did anyone ever figure this out? I built my addons, but I am still getting this error on two seperate setups. Obviously I’m not doing something correctly.

I built and installed the addons as the README asked…