No contacts visible in UCP with AD for user manager auth

Using FreePBX distro 10.13.66-11 with user management 13.0.55 and contact manager 13.0.21 and UCP 13.0.25. I have created a few contacts in the internal and external groups in contact manager module, but I am unable to see any of them under contacts when logged into UCP. I am using Active Directory for UCP authentication and came across the same scenario at this post Sharing Contacts. Also, the wiki article for contact manager states that ‘A default group called “User Manager” contains all users and cannot be deleted.’ My “User Manager” group only contains my user account despite that there are a handful of other user accounts that have been linked through AD to a user and an extension. Not sure what makes my account worthy in this scenario

Is this a known issue with AD auth and contact manager or should I file a bug?