No CID when using Directed Call Pickup **

When you use Directed Call Pickup to get a call from another Extension you only see the number you dialed to get the call, but not the CID.

Do I need to set something up to get the original CID displayed.


I’m not sure you’re going to get this set up as a pure directed call pickup. You might try simulating this by using follow me. Depending on the number of calls you want to pick up and the number of line appearences sou have on your phone, you might be able to have a button for each line
you want to pick up.

Set up a new extensions on unused line keys on your phone. These should be set up not to ring or to have a distinctive ring from your main extension.

Set up follow me for the extensions you want to be able to pick up. (If you have more extensions than line keys some extensions may have to share a line key). Point the follow me to the new extensions on the line keys. You might have to fiddle with the ring times to get it to perform to your liking.

Now when the remote extension rings, it will use the follow me route to ring a line on the pick up phone.

Hope I explained this OK. Once you get the concept, you can customize it to best server you.


Thank you!