No channel type registered for

Hi guys!
I am adding an Agent in the queue (by adding into queue_members table), then using AgentLogin().
Then placing a call in this queue, for the agent to pickup.
Error: request_channel: No channel type registered for ‘Agent:1’

“queue show” confirms agent is added. (but I think the syntax here is wrong)
user1 (Agent:1 from SIP/123) (ringinuse enabled) (realtime) (Not in use)

Agent is also showing online and channel is there.
Channel Location State Application(Data)
SIP/123-00000041 900@from-internal-custom:4 Up AgentLogin(1)

AgentRequest() does work, but I need to use Queue() unfortuntely

I found the issue:

Agent syntax was indeed wrong. Interface should point to a dialplan that will handle “AgentRequest”.

I was trying to handle both, AgentRequest() and Queue() within the same dialplan which was wrong.

These two posts were super helpful, kudos:

And the dialplan screenshot in case this helps someone.
Replace AgentID with the agent variable/ext/etc…


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