No Calls in CDR after June 24th

Thanks in advance for your attention.

This is not an urgent matter, but it is an irritating one.

I have been using Astersisk@Home/Trixbox/FreePBX since 2004 in my law office. Can’t tell you how thankful I am for the product.

I am a lawyer with a tech fascination that is matched only by my tech disability.

Recently a dispute arose with a client over whether the client had called on a certain date. One of our paralegals asked me to check the CDR, which is something I have only done a few times in the past.

So when I checked, I learned that the last call in the records was Sat, 24 Jun 2023 13:58. Nothing in the CDR after that date, although we take and make dozens of calls every day.

I am the only one here who fools with FreePBX and I didn’t (deliberately) change anything.

Incoming calls are by PSTN to a Grandstream gateway and calls go out over Flowroute VOIP.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



What version of freePBX are you using? 16, 15 or 14…or older?
Have you upgraded your system in June?


I did upgrade to FreePBX and it very well may have been in June.

There was a bug published to the CDR module back around then that affected some systems. Check advanced settings and ensure that “Enable CDR Logging” is enabled.

THANKS! Problem solved. “Enable CDR Logging” was toggled off. Back in business…

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