No caller ID with Superfecta and OpenCNAM

I recently visited one of our offices that I haven’t been to in years and noticed that there’s no caller ID on any of the extensions.
They’re using Superfecta with OpenCNAM. From some searching here, it looks like OpenCANM may no longer active? They still charge our CC so IDK.
If that’s the case what should we be using as an alternative along with Superfecta?
I did a search but didn’t find any recent answers.
Thanks in advance.

Memories are fuzzy now, but I think both Superfecta and the Caller ID Lookup modules were updated for thee current opencnam API, what version of superfecta are you using?

Lorne, thanks for the prompt response.

They’re on Superfecta 2.11.17
It is running on an ancient version of FreePBX 6.12.65-32
I’m remote and have no one on site so I’ve been hesitant to upgrade as it all works, well except for Caller ID.

I’m planning on deploying a new box. I’m assuming a full backup from the current system wouldn’t work with the newest distro?

2.11 is EOL
As its successor (2.12)
And It’s successor (13)
And its successor (14)

Trying to remember how superfecta worked back then. You will probably find the opencnam code in <webroot>/admin/modules/superfecta and from there the individual module files will be either in the sources or bin folder. With a bit of php knowledge you can probably fix what’s broken.

Get a plan to be on a supportable version, there have been a lot of changes since then.

Thank you!

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