No Caller ID Name (cnam) on bandwidth tollfree D.I.D.s

I hate to post a vendor related question here but,… will not answer any questions that involve Asterisk or any other PBX if they can help it.

The problem is that I have 2 Sip trunks with them, and each has it’s own local number. These work fine.

However, I also have some 800 and 866 numbers that I ported to them for DID. When someone calls one of these numbers from the outside they get NO inbound Caller ID Name. All you see is the number. This is the case with the phones and CDR reports.

Has anyone worked with and seen or solved this problem? They practically hung up on me when I asked them about it.

Asterisk 1.4.26
FreePBX 2.6.0RC2
Centos 5.3

Have you tired speaking to them directly?

If you mean the answer is YES. The tech I spoke with said they had nothing to do with inbound caller ID. She blamed it on Asterisk and said they don’t provide any PBX support.

Had this been my other carrier,, I think I would have an answer. They don’t do phone support but they have extensive knowledge of Asterisk and gladly help with any Asterisk based issues that might be related to the specifics of their service.

I only use because they guarantee “Outbound cnam” for telemarketing legalities and such. How ironic that they won’t answer to a problem about “Inbound cnam”.

If you’de like, you can post a call trace showing a new call hitting your server so that we can see what callerID they are sending.

for some providers Cnam is a paying feature…

You can install the Freepbx Superfecta module to query free Cnam provider.

Robert Ellis at stated that for at least, toll frees will not be supported with inbound caller ID, meaning, that you won’t know who is calling your toll free numbers. After many customers complained of missing or incomplete caller ID being received for inbound calls, on October 20, 2010, Mr. Ellis confirmed in writing that quote, TF does not support caller ID period" . As to why, no reason was given, however, I was able to confirm with a customer in Dallas Texas that indeed caller ID information had disappeared from inbound calls starting Oct. 15th, 2010 without any notice whatsoever. A customer in Virginia stated he was told [by a tech] the problem was his [the customer’s]issue and not’s. Needless to say, some unsuspecting customers were surprised by calls arriving without any name information when the day started on that Friday morning. A quick wireshark trace confirmed that SIP packets were being delivered with either blank CNAM information in an incomplete PAI field, or the From, RPID, and PAI fields were incomplete and missing some part of the identify information. Unfortunately for so many customers, this means having to switch SIP providers, which is bad for and their customers, but good for their competition. One customer was quoted as saying he “hoped they [] would realize caller id is a feature that has been around for a long time and losing caller ID is like going back to the olden days when all you had was an ugly 60’s green colored analog phone. I am hopeful someone in management [at} will realize the value of providing services that customers want and need, because up to this point, they [] seemed to be forward looking and now, well, let’s just say, back to the future should stay in the movies. If we don’t get the basic features that what we want from, we’ll have to switch to another SIP provider.”