No caller ID from cell phones

I searched, but didn’t find a similar topic. I have FreePBX 13.0.167 and almost everything seems to be working fine. I get caller ID (both number and name, when available) from landline calls. But, it appears that NO cellphone calls report a caller ID! Is this normal? I have two lines coming in. One is a real POTS AT&T CO copper line, the other is a VOIP cable modem providing a copper line. Both are served by a dual FXO card in the PC. Both appear to do the same thing.

I’m new to caller ID. Is it really true that no landlines get caller ID when called from a cell phone? Do I have to ask my providers to turn on some service (presumably for some fee) to get even the caller ID number service?
I really don’t need the name service, but sometimes would like the number to be able to call somebody back.

I am checking for the presence of the caller ID info in the call event logging of the FreePBX GUI, so it doesn;t have anything to do with routing the info out to the extensions, it appears the FXO never gets a caller ID burst from the line in this case. Or, is there some DAHDI setting that causes it to lose those Caller ID bursts?

Thanks for any info you can provide,


Ahh, (egg on face) after perusing the logs some more, it became pretty obvious I don’t have the caller ID service on the POTS line! I think that’s the real issue!

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