No Call Transfer with Cisco SPA112


I recently installed a Cisco SPA112 and registered a extension with no problems. The only problem is with Call Transfers. It is not possible to put the call on hold with, in this case, the R button (Siemens Gigaset). The same issue occurs when using a other type of Analog Phone. Also holding the # doesn’t work. You can hear a “click” when you try to put a call on hold (the one who is putted to hold).

I’ve searched the internet but could not find a solution to this.

If any logs are needed just tell me which one and ill provide.

Provider -> Elastix -> SIP -> SPA112 -> Gigaset C590 (Analog)

Asterisk 11.21.0
Cisco SPA122 Version 1.4.1

Hope you can help me with this.

btw: im not a expert in this

F me… on the dect handset i needed to set the flashtime higher (400) than default (100)*

I have a corded phone hooked up to the SPA112, and on that it was (almost*) always possible to do transfer by *2-wait-number and ##-wait-number (the dtmf digits to be sent to FreePBX had to be held for at least half a second each, then wait for @Allison has to say TRANSFER :wink: ), no need for the R though the phone has it - unless you want to use the built in spa112 services (I did not want to).

*) almost, because it needs proper DTMF standard set on dev/ext config and on the spa112, preferably same at both ends and not auto