No Call Reports On MYSQL


I really don’t have idea why the call logs works perfect on asterisk, but in MYSQL doesn’t…

/var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv <— OK!

hostname = localhost
password = pass
user = asteriskuser
(This is OK??)

The permissions for MYSQL are ok…

sudo echo “GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON asteriskcdrdb.* TO [email protected] IDENTIFIED BY ‘pass’;” | mysql -u root

Thanks in advance.

did you load the asterisk addon’s? there are several asterisk modules that are needed to make it record in mysql. If the addons are not installed/loaded then that is why.

Yes, I did.

Do I install the addons again?

can be something else?

Did you change versions of Asterisk by any chance? upgrade them for example from 1.2 to 1.4. IF so then you need the matching addon’s.

The other issue is if you changed the mysyl password (looks like you might have), did you change it in all the needed places properly as the default password is passw0rd and restart things.


but the Asterisk passwords are by default… I didn’t made any changes…

I didn’t made any upgrade. I do install the 1.4.

This is ok?

hostname = localhost
password = amp109
user = asteriskuser

I was looking for all the internet!! Anyone knows the secret about this???