No BLF for New Voicemail using Aastra XML scripts

I recently built a new server using the new Distro version 2.210.62-5 with Asterisk 10 & CentOS 64bit. I also installed the latest aastra scripts, aastra-xml-scripts-2.3.1-98fpbx.noarch.rpm. I copied the settings from an older working server and everything on this new build works great except for the BLF for voicemails.

The BLF for Parking lights up when a call is parked and the message waiting indicator light blinks when there are voicemails but the BLF tied to topsoftkey2 for vmail.php does not light. Both Aastra daemons also appear to be running.

voicemail show users returns the following information:
Context Mbox User Zone NewMsg
default 199 Test Phone 3
1 voicemail users configured.

I have a number of FreePBX installs on older versions that I want to upgrate to this new Distro if I can get everything working. A few of my users have multiple Vmail buttons for monitoring other extensions which makes this BLF for voicemails important to me.

I am wondering if anyone knows what might cause this?

just as a test, I built a test PBX using the distro Beta-3.211.63-5 with Asterisk 11 and I have the same problem described above. I also tried to look at the PHP code in the aastra-xml-scripts but I don’t really understand PHP all that well and I was not able to figure out where the code was that lights the BLF when there is a voicemail. Anyone who could shed some light on this for me would be greatly appreciated.

I actually never setup my test extension to monitor the vmail status of another extension. In the past the BLF would light when there was a voicemail on this extension. I guess that behavior was modified and now the BLF only lights when the button is setup to monitor the Vmail a different extension. I had expected the BLF to light when I left a Vmail for this extension and it never did so I assumed it was broken.

Today during further testing I setup a seperate extension and left a Voicemail which one of my buttons was setup to monitor and to my surprise the BLF lit up for that extension. I did not know that this behavior was modified and the vmail BLF appears to be working when monitoring another extension so I am sorry if anyone wasted any time looking into this problem.