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I currently have 2 VM’s set up for calling each other, and they do so just fine. However, once they connect there is no audio. They are calling each other over PJSIP, and both are capable of doing the echo test. Would anyone know the issue here?

“Lack of audio RTP activity”


Check whether the RTP ports (udp 10000-20000) are reachable from each other. If the ports are blocked rtp audio will not work.

If both VM hosts are on the same LAN, confirm that they are using bridged networking. Otherwise, describe network configuration.

How do I go about checking this?

Stewart, I have them both configured on the same LAN using pfsense. They are both on the same subnet and can ping each other. Their connectivity should be fine.

Both RTP ranges are start 10000, end 20000

rtp set debug on

on both PBI should show where the audio is being sent network wise

many firewalls will pass ICMP but still block services unless explicitly defined.

This is what I was able to see

Firewalld is disabled. Is there anything else I have to do?

Make sure the lan is listed in sip settings under internal network on both boxes and be sure to fwconsole restart.

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The PFsense lan that both are connected to?

whatever the network is, someething like or

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That unfortunately did not fix it

not firewalld. you mentioned they were connected via PFSENSE.

in PFSENSE, are you allowing traffic between these devices on those ports?

It should be. I have it set so that it allows port 5060, and ports 10000-20000 for the entire subnet. I conducted this experiment previously using only Asterisk without FreePBX and it worked fine with audio.

I had the wrong local network set. It has been fixed now. Thanks everyone for trying to help!

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Great news!

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