No audio on remote phone with dd-wrt

I just changed my router from an old linksys to a WRT54GL v 1.1 with dd-wrt v24.
Now my remote extensions register but there is no audio.
I have port range forwarded 5060-5061 UDP and 10001-20000 UDP to my FreePBX IP address.
Has anyone installed dd-wrt in front of FreePBX?
I’m sure I am just missing something simple in the setup.

Thanks for any help


I have created a howto that has helped many people make this work.

Easy -

Looked over your how to, nice job.

On the QoS tab would you not also want to add RTP to the policy? Or does this config expect the ToS bit to be set?

Ive actually seen dd-wrt rewrite the packets so that the rtp was forwarded to the local ip address (e.g. 192.168) and not the the remote (public) address.
To check where asterisk is send the rtp packets to, type rtp debug at the asterisk cli, and see where your packets are headed.