No audio on outbound path with calls to extension


I’m deploying a new system and have the local extensions installed and configured.

Extension to extension calls are working.

I’ve added an inbound route and when I terminate the call on an extension I can be heard, but there is no return audio.

When I terminate the call to voicemail I have audio in both directions, I.e. I can hear the voicemail dialogue, leave a message and playback the recorded voicemail.

Can anyone help with possible solutions?


(Dave Burgess) #2

Redirect UDP ports 10000-20000 from your firewall to the PBX so the initial audio stream makes it to the PBX from the outside.


Already set and presumed working due to being able to leave voicemail.

(Dave Burgess) #4

I wouldn’t assume that - with voice mail, the system starts the audio conversation, so the path back through the firewall is established. With an incoming call, the incoming path is not set since the audio starts outside and works in from there.

If you’re sure that’s working, though, you might need to mess with some of the early-audio options and see of any of those help you out.


When I make an incoming call I can be heard, it is the return audio I’m not hearing.
As in I can’t hear the audio stream from the person on the extension local to the PBX.

(Dave Burgess) #6

That’s likely to be your external address setting in the Advanced Settings: SIP Settings. Make sure both the External address and the Local Net addresses are correct in your configuration.


I don’t see any fields in Advanced Settings where you can set IP details for SIP.

But in Asterisk SIP Settings the External address and the Local Net addresses are correct.