No audio on incoming or outgoin calls

I am running FreePBX version
Devices register with PBX and calls can be made and received but say in 5/10 calls no audio in either direction. PBX is behind a watchguard firewall but i ve tried every possible setting on watchguard the issue still occurs.
how do i upload logfiles ?

You don’t upload to the forum, share a link to the content on pastebin.

Are you port forwarding the entire RTP port range to the pbx?

@lgaetz thanks for your quick response. does this help ?

whats the value of the entire RTP ?
Here is the pastebin link for the specific call

At the Asterisk command prompt, type
sip set debug on
make another failing call, paste the log (which will now include a SIP trace) and post the link.

Also, please confirm that calls between extensions do not have a problem.
Post all VoIP-related non-default settings in your Watchguard (static NAT, related policies, etc.)

@Stewart1 can we please have a look at it via anydesk as we speak ?

Going to answer for @Stewart1. Forum participants are not here for hands on support (tho they may offer), they are here to freely provide guidance for you to debug things yourself. If you want to pay for professional support from Sangoma, there is a link at the top of this page.

@lgaetz understood. please excuse my ignorance. i am an it guy currently serving a huge business where 73 people cant make calls and i am scared of my employee coz in such times its pretty difficult to get a job in greece…

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