No audio on calls after installing unifi security gateway

I just replaced my pf sense box that died with a unifi security gateway pro, and i am now having issues with no audio on calls. Call setup seems to work fine, so not an issue with SIP, just with the RTP. Any ideas of things to check or any setup that needs done to get this to work?


The obvious. Did you forward ports 10k-20k to the PBX?

Haha yep sure did!

so calls out ring to a phone but there is no audio in either direction, but calls in dont even make it to my pbx.

Check that in Asterisk SIP Settings, External Address and Local Networks are correctly set.

Check that the LAN address of the PBX matches the address to which you are forwarding ports in the USG.

If using a trunk with registration, confirm that expiry or qualify frequency is keeping the NAT association open (UDP timeout in USG must be longer).

If the above doesn’t help, please post:

ISP? Modem make/model? Static public IP address?

Does USG get a public IP on its WAN interface? Trunking provider(s)?

What does caller hear on an attempted incoming call?

On a failed outgoing call, have you confirmed that outbound audio is also not present?

10K-20K open to world or just your provider?
Increase udp time out.

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