No Audio in Zulu Softphone

What other ports are needed to get Zulu Audio to work?

Audio is the RTP range:

All those ports are opened… Phones have audio just not the Zulu client… Ill get the ringback tone… but once its answered nothing.

So I tried something… and decided to call an extension and an outside number to the PSTN - So it dials the minute i Pick up no Audio, but the minute i put the call on hold I hear music. Now at the same time ive been looking at my firewall logs — I see when making calls and get no audio I see the pbx opening a random port to 52019 UDP (That number always changes ). The minute I put it on hold it switches to a port within the RTP Audio ports (10000 - 20000) and I get audio ( Only the MOH ). What could be the problem?

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