No audio for external caller, I can hear them. IVR audio works fine however

As of Thursday 1/30/20, after no issues with system, I receive calls from outside parties, and they are unable to hear me. I can hear them. When I dial out, audio is fine. When the IVR picks up, audio works fine for both parties. I tried rebooting devices involved, going through config, am unable to find why. FreePBX 14, OPNsense firewall.

Do you have RTP ports forwarded?

Yes. 10000-20000, and 5060. My setup was working Nearly flawlessly for the past 6 months, then this happened. (There was an occasional call like this, but rare).

I don’t know this firewall, but make sure settings like SIP ALG is turned off.

An update (automatic) occurred, and somehow Static Sip was disabled. Tracing led to finding the sip calls were leaving my site on a variety of ports, and none that were in the correct range. Thanks everyone!

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