No audio and calls cannot be picked up after upgrade

yesterday I upgraded my FreePBX SNG7 installation from the module admin and after phone were not registering to the PBX.
So I realised that chan_pjsip was disabled, I re-enabled it setting “both” in advanced settings and phones now are registering well.

Now the problem is that calls are not working good, both internal and external:

  • Internal call: I have no audio on both direction (caller does not hear called and viceversa) and the calling phone keeps ringing even after the called phone picks up the call
  • Outgoing external call: call arrives and can be picked up, but the external called person does not hear the internal calling one
  • Incoming external call: call arrived and can be picked up, but the internal called person does not hear the external calling one

I am not using NAT and firewall is disabled on the PBX.
External calls are made with a ISDN BRI gateway on the same network and it was working good before the upgrade.

Could you help me please?

If you reboot the phone is there any change? No audio is usually indicative of RTP packets dropping, but you are also indicating that the phone signaling is not working as well. I wonder if this is an endpoint registration problem. What do your logs say?

No, because every endpoint have the same problem and every endpoint were correctly registered as pjsip endpoints.
I tried to disable chan_pjsip and after I converted all extensions to chan_sip they worked without any problem.
So I am thinking about some problems on chan_pjsip…

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