No Active Connection Disconnects the Call and Does Not Go to Voicemail

I have a Cisco SPA504G IP Phone, but I often like to use my Softphone (Jitsi).

3 Scenarios:

  1. If the Cisco phone is disconnected and I do not answer the softphone or the softphone is turned off the call disconnects.

  2. If I deny the incoming call via my softphone it goes to Voicemail

  3. If my Cisco phone is connected and I do not answer it goes to my Voicemail.

How can I get it to go to Voicemail in scenario 1.

FreePBX Version:


Anyone have any ideas?

Not really.

The problem is that “just disconnecting:” if the phone is off-line is not a typical end-state. Normally, you would pick “go to voicemail” or “hang up” if the extension is not available…

Now, you may be able to get something like this to work with VM-Blaster, but I don’t think we differentiate that closely on most calls.

If you really want this kind of non-standard behavior, I think you’ll need to write a new “from-somewhere” context to make this happen.

Thanks Dave! I’ll have a look at that.