Newbie question

I have set up my freepbx server and have it registered with my vonage account.

My question is how do I use sip to connect from outside my network?

If I am travelling and have a softphone installed on my laptop can I call

Sip:[email protected] ( which doesn’t seem to work)

or is it sip:http://[email protected] (my server address, also doesn’t seem to work)

Basically how do I use sip to connect to my server and get an extension on my server to ring?


Which Operating System are you on ?

Cent OS is the freePbx and I’m trying to connect with windows Vista


I assume that you’ve setup the trunk and that is it registered according to this:

I have set up my freepbx server and have it registered with my vonage account.

Next step would be to setup an extension followed by setting up an Inbound and Outbound Route.
In the Inbound Route setup your Destination will be set as the extension you created. You will leave the DID and CID fields blank.

Make sure that you’ve opened ports on your router so that your external extensions can register on the server.

Only do the following if you DO NOT have a static ip address.

In Freepbx go to Admin, System Admin, DDNS

Check and see if you have an External DDNS Name. If NOT, you can go do NoIP and setup one that points to your IP address. I’m assuming that you do NOT have a static ip address otherwise you do not need to do this.

Now you can setup your softphone by using the DDNS name you found or setup as per above as the SIP Server address. Username will be your extension number and Password as set when you created the extension.


If he hasn’t figured it out since 2008, I doubt he’s going to want to now.

A well-accepted alternative to his approach (these days) is to use the OpenVPN tools that are now integrated into the phone server and set up his soft phone (even if he’s using Vista) to connect over a VPN.