Newbie question ref 10000:20000 ports redirect

In my router I can add range by using a colon. So I use 10000:20000 forwarded to the PCX IP address. The setting for the local port does not allow me to enter ‘:’ So I can’t enter a range.

What is the setting for the local port please?

This is a question about an unnamed router, so there can be no real answer as to what you must do.

There should be no translation of the port number.10,000 should translate to 10,000, 19,999 should translate to 19,999, and similarly for everything in between.

Note that 10,000-20,000 is a long standing error in the sample Asterisk configuration and in FreePBX, and should be changed to 10,000-19,999 everywhere.

The modem is Asus DSL-N16

You need a router with better documentation. Page 62 of the manual doesn’t mention the local port and for the other fields says fill them in, but doesn’t explain what they mean.

To specify a Network Service to filter, enter the Source IP, Destination IP, Port Range, and Protocol. Click the + button.

My guess is that local port is the base port number of the range. If that is not the case, I think you need a better router as well as better documentation.

I found this

  • Port Range: If you want to specify a Port Range for clients on the same network, enter the Service Name, the Port Range (e.g. 10200:10300), the LAN IP address, and leave the Local Port empty. Port range accepts various formats such as Port Range (300:350), individual ports (566,789) or Mix (1015:1024,3021).


So I am presuming that empty means match incoming ports

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