Newbie question: FreePBX + Obi100: "Call cannot be completed as dialed"


I am pretty new to FreePBX, and I’m working on my first installation of FreePBX (PIAF + Incredible PBX). I have it set up so that I can dial out from an extension used by X-Lite and complete an outbound call via a Google Voice trunk. Inbound calling also works. Then, I tried to connect my Obi100 to another, identically-configured extension. From the phone attached to the Obi’s phone port, I can call other extensions and receive calls from other extensions. However, when I attempt to place a call to an external phone number, I am being branched to the bad-number extension and hearing the recording “Your call cannot be completed as dialed”. The Obitalk portal says that the Obi is registered, and the Asterisk logs indicates “Extension 101 is now available”. I cannot seem to isolate the problem, or even figure out the “bad number” (it’s not showing up in on the Reports tab/CDR report).

Can anyone help me track this down?



If you don’t get an answer here, I would post your inquiry on the Obitalk forums. They are very active and have a lot of gurus who just use the Obi device.

Before you go any further, do you have your Obi configured as indicated here:

or here:


Thanks for the links. I’m wading through them now (the 100 doesn’t have an FXO port, and all I need is a simple extension setup).

I’m really close to making it work, but I don’t understand why it needed fixing. What’s happening is this: when I dial 2125551212 on the extension, the Obi is passing 12125551212 to Asterisk. The Google Voice module in FreePBX created an extension named _NXXNXXXXXX so the dialed number doesn’t match. I suppose I just need to strip off the leading ‘1’, but I get the feeling that’s an incomplete answer. Am I missing something?


I edited the outbound route, which had a 1 in the prepend field and NXXNXXXXXX in the match string field, and changed it to 1NXXNXXXXXX in the match string field with the others bland. Outbound calls now work. Please let me know if this is not a good solution.

Thanks for the help.