Newbie Needs some help on Inbound - Outbound Routes

Hi All, I’m trying to accomplish the following scenario I have an Inbound DID (305XXXXXXX) Every single Call that comes on that Inbound Route DID will go to a Misc. Destination and this Misc. Destination has been setup to dial an External Number…
The problem that I’m facing is when I get the call on that external Number is shows up as my Outbound Route Number … So, I went ahead and created a New Outbound Route Using the above DID, but the problem is I don’t know how to setup the PBX to use the new created Outbound Route only for that Purpose … I don’t want no one else to use that Outbound Route !!! Don’t know if I explain my self clear …
The bottom line is I would like to receive the Calls from That DID Dial My Cell and at the same time I would like to see on my cell the incoming call as this (305XXXXXXX) not as my regular Outbound Route


Create a new outbound route with only the number you are calling in the pattern section. Then move it to the top.

Hey PitKey, Thank you for your reply, but then If I do that the rest of the extensions will do the same ??? or just the one who dialed that number?

BTW I was looking into an Extension Route Solution or Custom Context as well

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