Newbie needs help with reports and other stuff

Im a noob with FreePBX and im trying to figure out how to get a report for incoming and outgoing calls.

we have a basic Elastix with FreePBX setup. Configured Device and User mode.

With my setup above it always give me a notice about "Device & User Hints Issue"
but when i enable “'Dynamically Generate Hints” it gives me problems on outbound calls. i just disabled it and it works fine… would that be OK?

And I also need to produce a report where All incoming and outgoing will be counted per User/Agent.

The built in report for freepbx doesnt have this. the reporting function of elastix have a incoming/outgoing count but its only for extensions… not users. i wonder if the existing reporting module can be modified to do what i want it to do…

I have installed Asternics CDR Reports but it cant see the number of calls per user. I am trying queuemetrics and im still trying to figure it out… I would love to use any opensource modules if there is one available but we are also willing to purchase a commercial counterpart if it is easier.

btw, FreePBX ROCKS! hehe… Thank you!

Stop using Elastix, and switch to either the FreePBX Distro (which you can download here) or PBX In A Flash, which you can Google. Basic Elastix is not designed to function with FreePBX 2.9 (unless they’ve released an update in the last 3 months that I don’t know about).

thank you for the suggestion… but im not ready to give up yet. reinstalling is not an option now… hehe… as of the moment elastix and freepbx is working pretty good. except for the minor issues… and I dont have access to the pbx module in elastix but i manage trunks using the freepbx so its not a big problem… i installed asterisk cdr viewer which is ok for the report but i need to modify it(im trying) to count the number of outgoing and incoming. hehe

any other suggestions?