Newbie - Needs guidance

Hi learned people,

I’m new to this… and finding my way around… have installed, upgraded etc but wondered is there a basic guide on how to configure the system, to make/receive one call, setting up a soft phone etc… not sure where to start…

Apologies that i’m so green on this…

Yes please!

I am also new to freePBX and haven’t been able to find newbie guides. I’ve also installed and updated. I have a xlite softphone and a SipToSis free skype SIP. My xlite softphone connects to skype, and I’ve created a SIP trunk and some basic extensions, but asterisk doesn’t seem to do anything with them. How do I make it all work?

I decided to post here so your comments can help both of us noobs :slight_smile:

Thanks for our comments in advance.

PBX in a Flash (PiaF) uses the wonderful FreePBX as the frontend. I’ve created a website called PBX in a Flash for Newbies that would be a good place to start as it uses the same configuration tools. Lots of basic concepts and advanced ones too.

Hi Tadpole,

that is a great site for helping people like me. But I ran into a problem by accidentaly copied over the extension.conf.sample over the extension.conf file. But the extension.conf was actually sym link to /var…

I tried to delete all the extension and re-add them. It does not seems help at all. What can I do now?


Thanks a lot Eugene, that guide realy helped!