Newbie: Need help with extensions_override_freepbx.conf

I need to build a PHP web page where a non-admin user may a change specific configuration. Unfortunately I did use the “extensions_additional.conf” but that is not a good idea as I have learned now.
Now I assume that the"extensions_override_freepbx.conf" is the right place for this task:
I need to change the target of a phone while not sitting on the phone. Either another extension or a ring group should be used.

In my “extensions_additional.conf” I have e.g. this line for extension “20”:
exten => +49123412345620,n(dest-ext),Goto(from-did-direct,20,1)
It should be changed to either another extension, e.g.
exten => +49123412345620,n(dest-ext),Goto(from-did-direct,30,1)
or a ring group
exten => +49123412345620,n(dest-ext),Goto(ext-group,99,1)

I added the whole “[ext-did-0002]” section followed by the whole “exten => +49123412345620 …” stuff the config and called
rasterisk -x “dialplan reload”

But no success. I hope that I’m not terribly wrong here and need a clue how to reach my goal.



PS. Is there some useful documentation or a HowTo? I found nothing useful so far…

To answer myself:
I found Call Forwarding using web button and it looks very interesting.
Now I will examine this and respond later.

What do these non-admin users need to change? Why are you making it so that non-admin users are setting up things that will break how admin users in the GUI can manage stuff? You need to do some more digging into this because you should be using the MySQL (MariaDB) backend and understand what is actually written out and used in the database backend and the AstDB settings that are needed. Not to mention certain settings make certain dialplan be generated.

Doing it this way with no understanding of how the mechanics of FreePBX work is going to cause you more problems than solutions.

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Well, the phone exchange may be empty and some other person needs to take over. This can be done in a custom web page which makes the switch without direct access to the phone.

Full ACK.

I hope the previous mentioned Call Forwarding can help. A quick test on command line was fine. Now I have to examine how to use a ring group instead of another extension.

You’re not following what I am saying. You want to use an outside, custom web page to manage the extensions that’s fine. You need to use the same backend and data that FreePBX uses. None of this should require you using the override config because you should make your updates and then do a fwconsole reload which will write out the changes and make the proper dialplan otherwise you’re missing all of that and you’ll have issues.


That’s why I plan to look at the mentioned article. Is it the correct way to call asterisk ans shown there, e.g.

Set unconditional forward:
asterisk -rx “database put CF 22 55”

and then use “fwconsole reload”?
Today it was not possible to make further testing due to other tasks…

If you are doing simple stuff like Call Forwarding, then using the “asterisk -rx …” approach works very well.

If you’re trying to change the destination of an Inbound Route (which is what your original example looked like it was going to not do), then you’re going to need to get deeper into the guts of the system, since that requires a lot more interaction with a lot more system components.

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So I just want to clarify, something is needed so non-admin users can manage Call Forwarding and other features of an extension? Perhaps even call history? Wouldn’t the UCP cover that? Since that is exactly what it is for?

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Yes, UCP would cover that, and a myriad of other things. That’s why I caveated the statement with “simple”. If you don’t want UCP, or need all of the features of UCP, or just want one or two things that UCP can do, then a simple PHP webpage with a single “Push here for CF Cancel” (as an example) might not be a bad plan.

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True but my reply wasn’t really for you :slight_smile:

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I figured, but my point was that you don’t need a Indy racecar to go to McDonalds.

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But that would likely be fun


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