Newbie Help

I’ve just installed FreePBX for the first time at my home office. The install went well but no matter what I do, I cannot get any soft or hard phone to register to it. I have created extension with the minimum basic info but still cant connect any of the following:

Granstream 2000
Sipdroid (on Android Device)
Twinkle (Linux Soft Phone Client)

Authorisation Username = extension number e.g 100
Password = password
Server or proxy =
Port = FreePBX assigned port e.g. 5060

Should I be setting port forwarding on my router for UDP to my FreePBX? I’ve never needed to do this on my Grandstream 2000 when registering to my VoIP provider.

If anyone out there can spot a schoolboy error please let me know.

Start with the wiki here, it seems like you are at :-

so far.

Thanks for this, I’ve already been through this Wiki and set up as it suggests, but I still cant get any of my sip devices to register?

Then all I can suggest is to do it again, and again if necessary, it works for everybody else, you must be missing a step somewhere something :slight_smile:

I’ve just noticed that although my Grandstream says “Not registered” if I try dialing, I do get a voice announcement “The number you are dialling is not in service” I presume this is coming from FreePBX ? I dialled 101 and the screen displayed 9101, I assume the 9 was prefixed by FreeBPX also.

Correct, that is the standard route in FreePBX, if the phone remains unregistered is is because your network is not yet correct and udp 5060 is not yet routed properly. Try the same scenario on the local network. . .

This is on my local network. I’m going around in circles here I’f following the wiki to the letter entering my static ip address of ( can connect to the web GUI via this address so it must be working) I enter my netmask as and gateway of (same address as my Sky router) save it then add the following to my DNS list:
But my extensions are still not registering. One observation I have is that when I go to the Network Settings page none of my previous settings are visable so does that mean they were not saved?

After much re-entering the same information several times, my extensions have suddenly registered themselves. I have no idea why but I’m not complaining :wink: Many thanks for the help here.