Newbie Help

I am really new to Unix, like really really new so I need a little help setting up a new PBX please.

  1. What is a good and easy to use program to backup and restore my pbx config so if the machine gets fried I can literally be up and running with all config settings on a new machine in a few minutes

  2. How do I access the FreePBX config menu outside my local network? I opened port 80 on my router to the machine running FreePBX but nothing seems to work.

  3. What are the easiest to install and configure IP phones that are inexpensive and don’t require a lot of technical knowledge

  4. Lastly, is there an easy way to create basically a restore point before I install something new so I can revert back if a problem comes up?

I appreciate all the help.


1 - The backup and restore module ?
2 - Nothing special to forward port 80, you must have done something wrong on the basics. However this is a lousy idea. Google FreePBX/Security and see the debate. Why do you need to configure your phone system from anywhere? If you do get a VPN setup
3 - Any phone supported by the endpoint manager
4 - See note 1

5 - Don’t post threads ambiguous titles like "newbie help.
6 - Read all the documentation and forum posts you can send and try to do something before asking for help. You tend to get more help being proactive.

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