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I’m new to Asterisk and FreePBX. I’ve got some concepts sorted out already, but for the most part, I’m quite lost. I’ve been a linux sysadmin for more than 20 years, so Linux is no problem here.

Can anybody recommend a good book that covers both Asterisk and FreePBX (version 15 if possible)? I need to configure a new installation for a medium office, using VoIP trunks and VoIP extensions.

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Rigfht here at the top of this page.

Hi and thanks for your quick reply. Yes, there is a Wiki, but it lacks the continuity and linearity that can offer a manual or a book. Observe that I’m a newbie and I still don’t know what to read first and what to read last.

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Sorry, I have a strong feeling of deja-vu right now, Good luck.


Thanks,… Finally found it.

Some people may disagree with me, but I still think Asterisk: The Future Of Telephony is still a good thing to read - It’s out of date now (so some of the programming examples in it no longer work) but it will give you a good idea of the scope of what the platform (Asterisk) can do - for FreePBX, the WiKi and the Community (here) are the best possible resource - FreePBX changes FAST and new things are constantly being added/fixed - Dead Trees will never keep up with the pace of change, but the Forums and the Wiki will - Use them.

Here is a link to the book I mentioned: Asterisk™: The Future of Telephony (

Like I say, it’s out of date, but it’s worth a few nights reading to really understand how the innards work - Back when I started, I was struggling with getting PRI’s (T1 Digital Circuits) working with our Asterisk boxes - this book finally helped me understand it.


This is the Sangoma SBC manual. Not FreePBX…

He’s trolling you, just wait.

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I good option for guided learning may be to take a training class

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