Newb Question

Hello Everybody,

Im new to this Asterisk/ Freepbx , i believe i know how the functionality works but im struggeling getting my setup running… and well maybe someone here can point me into the right direction :smiley:

let me first explain what im trying to do ( this would make it alot easier to understand )

i have an old panasonic telephone system ( isdn 30 ) and i have a massive wifi network in a warehouse , now what im trying to accomplish is getting the warehouse staff connected with WIFI phones , the isdn30 telephone system has LSA strokes connected to patch panels split up in digital and analog signals… the entire analog panel is nearly blank so i would like to designate that to the ware house staff so they are reachable in the warehouse ( this makes sense to me )… every analog port ( rj45) has a number routed through the panasonic exm:
port 10 on the panel is telephone number 10 on the panasonic… so i want to use the panasonic’s logic to make the staff reachable.

so now i come across freepbx/asterisk , can this system fill in the gaps ?
and what do i need to make theese systems talk to eachother ?

i have setup a box with an Eicon Diva / and 2 connextant analog modems … but im getting stuck , i do not have a FXO/FSO board… im trying to test if this could work without buying hardware and then hear it cant work :slight_smile:

can anyone help me ?

First of all, an analog modem will not work in place of an FXO or FXS card.

You didn’t specify which DIVA product you have, but if you have a media gateway, you could use it to create SIP trunks between the legacy and asterisk. But if you have one of those, it can be used to connect sip devices to the legacy.

If you have one of the cards, I have seen that there are drivers out there to run some of the DIVA hardware with Asterisk (google “eicon DIVA asterisk”).

Another thing you might want to ask. What is the future “supportability” of the “old panasonic telephone system”?

Might it not make sense to phase out the old system and go fully with an asterisk system?


Thank you for your wise words bill ,ill try to look up the eicon , i allready have but didnt give me enough results, it could be the board is just to old to be supported … besides this … and to be honest a forum question is easier posted , then a manual read containing 600 pages…

since im new to freepbx , id like to hold every card open including a new voip pbx system … but …

whats the use in spending money on new hardware if u have not found the chance to test it properly and all the people using the system are displeased ?

to answer the phase out , and supportability … why should i dump the panasonic system , when its working fine ? if it aint broke dont fix it … i agree a freepbx or voip pbx system holds more options … but bare in mind u only have to make calls and recieve them … another pain point is the new telephones i would have to buy and instructing every user… but then again i would be totally voip . however its all expesive … which led me to a freebpx system …

the panasonic system i can maintain myself , not much to it , nothing changes
up and running for 10 years… so again … why should i buy a new voip system ( which hasn’t been up for 10 years ) …

I’m faced with a similar problem here. We have an old legacy system at the Police Department.

Problem is that parts are becoming scarce. Got hit by lightning a couple of years ago and was down over a week trying to find parts.

Don’t know how many extensions you have, so that would be a consideration.

Good Luck!