New zulu license showing as expired in product list

Hi guys,

my zulu module stopped working. I’ve logged to sangoma portal, and it showed the license expired (notification went to spam :confused: ) so, I went ahead and bought new licenses, but they are still shown as expired in sangoma portal (the count changed). Naturaly therefor, I can’t update them in my admin.

I’ve bought new licenses before, know the drill. I do know how to update them via GUI, but also I checked with fwconsole sa update and fwconsole sa info - still no luck, licenses are not showing up.

I’ve made sure everything is up to date, disabled and reenabled the zulu module.

Any ideas?


Hi, there - It looks like you added 20 instead of selecting the renew option. Please DM your deployment ID and I’ll get it handled.

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I think I’ve sent you a DM with my product ID. I think, but not sure, because I cant find an inbox in my profile :smiley: Let me know, if you didn’t get anything, i’ll try again!


That’s it - You’re all set now.

Thanks for using FreePBX!


The same thing happened to me just now :frowning:
Can I also DM you my deployment ID?

Thanks in advance

Please do - I’m here to help.

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