New wiki and accessing old info

Hi , Is there a way to access the old wiki as it just redirects and teh new one is virtually unuasble and all links from the forum to the old one fall back to teh new “help” site…

I have an issue today with the desktop client not working and it looks like for some reason the backend is faining on freepbx but im unable to find the old installation and trouble shooting notes from the wiki , the new one returns nothing ,

PLEASE bring back teh old structured wiki , or at least if we want to go to wiki.sangoma,com dont redirect it

May not be full proof but perhaps the wayback machine

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An update from the team

yeah I read that, but the new help is totally unstructured and where as before it was structured with menus, now you just get back a random list of “sugestions”

has the old one been dumped? if not can the redirects be removed as it now makes most of the posts here with links to wiki articles useless as they now redirect to a ‘404’

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