New Website: PBX in a Flash for Newbies

Here’s a new website that I put together PBX in a Flash for Newbies. It is geared to those who are interested in Asterisk PBX but don’t know all the techno lingo of the telecom world. It introduces basic configurations of Asterisk PBX using the PBX in a Flash distribution and naturally FreePBX as the web based configuration tool. Softphones, SIP phones, POTS phones, IAXy phones and FXS trunks are among the topics covered. Enjoy!

Thank you very much for taking the time to do this, it will help a lot of people.

I hope you don’t mind a little constructive criticism.

On this page:

You talk about stopping MySQL, but none of your commands actually stop MySQL. You’re only stopping Asterisk (which is probably the only thing talking to MySQL, but not necessarily.)

What you really want to do is make sure you stop any services that require MySQL before you stop MySQL itself.

I’m going to go on the assumption that PiAF is based on CentOS – I’ve never run it. If that’s the case, you can manipulate your init scripts so that Asterisk/amportal stop before MySQL does.

Doing that will make sure that the process is automated, and you don’t have to treat your system quite so gingerly.

I have a mini-howto on runlevels over at the trixbox wiki that might help you figure that out (I’m a big proponent of teaching to fish, but if you just want me to give you a fish ask and I’ll help.)

No problem. I’m a new Asterisk user and an instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. I’ve set up an Asterisk lab for the Information Technology Telecommunications System major (yes its a mouthful) and as I’m learning, I’m documenting what I find - comes second nature to me. I don’t have a telecom background which gives me a different perspective than the phoneheads (sorry had to throw that in ;-). I feel that a simple thing like shutting down the server properly should be well documented but it seems to be a bit of a mystery at this point. I’ll research the procedure further and update the site asap. I’d rather be corrected than give out mis-information.

In the PBX in a Flash distro, it uses CentOS Linux. The rc.0 shutdown script shuts down mySQL properly. Here’s the proper procedure for shutting down Asterisk: