NEW Version 2.210.62-6 and 3.211.6-6

I just published new upgrade script versions for 2.210.62-6 and 3.211.6-6 for the FreePBX Distro. As always please visit the wiki link for information on how to upgrade.

If you have sysadmin and have registered your system with the license server you can simply run /usr/sbin/sysadmin_update_system

If you have sysadmin pro you can run the command above or use the GUI inside sysadmin to update your system.

Please report any issues here. I will roll new ISOs tonight and have them published hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks for the update. Just a glitch, there is no download link at The latest is -5.

Thank you

esarant - I just double checked an the -6 update for both the stable and beta builds is available now, let me know if you are still having trouble.

Hi and sorry for my late response.
It is fine now. When I went to that page there was not a download link for -6 but now there is. Maybe it was a caching problem.

Thank you.

I noticed that a new Error Message appeared under FreePBX Notices after the last official update to FreePBX 3.211.63-6 (the system under test was already at 3.211.63-6 level, but it was updated using the unofficial shell update script available early in February not in March):

ERROR: There 1 bad destinations

Parking Lot: Default Lot ()

Added 23 minutes ago

I haven’t set a (default) destination for parking.

What I have to do to fix this?

Best regards, Davide.

“What I have to do to fix this?”

Open the parking module… select a destination in the default parking lot, submit changes, apply config. Go back to FreePBX status, close/hide notification.

Well, I tried…as it was really natural to set a destination into the Parking Lot Extension (it’s quite explicative) BUT it’s not working.

Under Application -> Parking -> Parking Lot options I’m not able to set an (existing) extension, as example (in my scenario) the extension numbered 100, as the Park Lot Extension because I receive this (dis)informative warning message: “You have an error on the form. Please go back and correct it before submitting this page”.

So my questions:

(A) Which type of Extension (existing/used/unused/virtual) of my dial plan I need to place into the Parking Lot Extension field?
(B) once (A) is defined, should I place something into the Parking Lot Starting Position field also or this last field could be left blank (or, eventually, could it left fitted with the same Extension used in (A))?

Regards, Davide.

I just picked a convenient extension number from my dialplan (15000) that was not defined and it worked.

It worked.
I set 150 (not really defined) as Parking Lot Extension then I set 151 (150 gives me an error) as Parking Lot Starting Position (tip: 151-154 with 4 slots) and as Alternate Destination (bottom of the page) I set 100 (a real extension).

Now the reported Error is gone (all this just to remove an Error…since I’m not going to any Parking feature…).


[SOLVED] In Ubuntu Server 12.04 with asterisk 1.8.23 & FreePBX 2.11:
In file ~/admin/modules/core/ find and chnge string:
INSERT INTO ampusers …
change to
REPLACE INTO ampusers …