New User - Questions about FreePbx 11

Hello guys, i’m very new with elastix and the FreePbx. I install both , and i setup everything . Now i have 2 Bri ISND cards and 2 Analog cards.
Everything is working. I made 15 sip extensions .
My questions is :

  1. As i see to the Features Code ( im working under the web interface GUI ) the default code if i want to pickup a call is *8 and the general code is **.
    The general code is working good, but i have problem with the *8, it doesn’t working.
    I try to make a ring group and i test again but it still doesn’t working.
  2. Is there any option that i can setup my DDNS account ? I would like to have access with my smartphone. I install a zaptel app and under the same network is working. But i want to use it without the network.
    Can someone pls help me with this 2 questions?