New to the PBX phone system and migration

I am very new to the phone, pbx and voip system.
I have a project to work on related to voip thing.
Here we have a legacy Toshiba Strata Legacy PBX and 20 regular 2pin deck phones. 4 POTs line (external) to the Toshiba.
As Strata PBX is aging, we are more concerned for support and maintenance.

Due to wide campus and resources, running the network cables are a bit limited.

Here is what I have to /want to do.

  1. Retired the Strata PBX.
  2. the new FreePBX server on the PC is set up.
  3. Current 4 POTs line would be connect to FXO Media Gateway and connect to FreePBX. (we might connect a few SIP trunks)
    4)There will be a few VoIP phones connected.
  4. All 20 regular 2pin deck phones needs to connect to Freeswitch.

What type of PCI card should I use to connect Freeswitch (PC) to block 66 (to punch down for each desk phones) ?
Thanks advance for any suggestions.

I suggest you look for a fxo/fxs sip gateway not a Dahdi card, they are far more flexible

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Be careful here. Although a Strata can be configured to operate with standard single-line analog phones, the vast majority of these installations use Toshiba-branded multi-button sets (model numbers are DKT-2xxx and DKT-3xxx). These phones won’t work on a standard phone line and cannot be used with Asterisk. If that’s what you have and your budget doesn’t cover replacing them with IP phones, you’ll need to rethink the approach.

Also, please note that FreeSWITCH is a PBX that is unrelated to Asterisk and can be considered a competitor. FusionPBX is the most popular GUI for FreeSWITCH, just as FreePBX is the most popular GUI for Asterisk.


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