New to FreePBX - Wanting some advice

recently started a new position, we use FreePBX , it is as near as I can tell on version 2.11.0. I do see an option to move from 2-12 with some fairly straightforward instructions. That said I am reluctant to do this as it is our primary system here, What is a good resource to get me started feeling more comfortable with this, Thanks in advance!

2.11 is EOL. As is 12 that replaced it. !3 is nearly EOL. In your shoes, you should not plan to make any major changes on this system, and instead set up a new 15 system and restore a backup from the primary. FreePBX 15 is the first version that allows you to restore a legacy backup.

Once you have a new 15 system, you can review settings etc at your leisure and then cutover when convenient.

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Thanks, I was afraid of that. is there a recommended backup solution I can use to accomplish this? be for warned my Linux is pretty weak
Thanks again

Or do you mean the Backup & restore Feature in the GUI of FreePBX? Im sorry I think I was overthinking this

Use the Backup module in FreePBX

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Be prepared for it to not work 100%. But it should get almost everything.

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how complicated is your existing site (i.e. number of extensions, trunks, etc.). If not very complicated, I would make a new FPBX 15 box, then configure it from scratch rather than use the backup/restore method.
You can use the bulk tool to make extensions, inbound routes, etc. from CSV files; though not ones exported from the ancient system - you would have to create them manually…

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Well I dont think super complicated as far as extensions and ring groups and so forth. And to preface my experience with Voip has been all cloud based one stop shopping kind of things, i.e. Jive or Ringcentral. That said the hardware, and connectivity are a bit worrisome to me. There are different providers providing inbound and out bound lines (Trunks???) one side of it has 7, ATA’s going into analog Digium board via RJ11, I think these are my outbound lines. All that said I am inclined to try and do some kind of in place upgrade as that whole thing kind freaks me out :slight_smile:

If your current system is working, I suggest you do not upgrade it. Why risk breaking something that currently works?

You can take some time to get familiar and more comfortable with FreePBX, build a new system and learn. Once comfortable, do the backup/restore method or bulk import. You may even decide that your bank of analog lines is no longer needed and can be replaced by a SIP trunk.

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I mean that has been the primary option in my mind as well, However and its a big however, I would rather have it fail on my schedule than its schedule. And we do have some recurring issues that my hope was would either be corrected by an upgrade or at least put me in a supported more modern configuration. But to your point and back to part of my original equipment. Is there a really good “Getting to know FreePBX” resource. I mean I am guessing there are Youtube Videos right?

The Crosstalk Solutions videos on youtube are well-liked.

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Also, if ya’ll are using virtualization, that makes things quite a bit easier, especially to recover from configuration changes since can revert to a previous snapshot. Though need to make sure the virtualization infrastructure is adequately supported.

And instead of using Digium cards, use network based hardware devices/ATAs so can be used with the virtual machine. For POTS lines, I’ve used Mediatrix ones that were rock solid but the standard linksys/cisco/grandstream ones work as well.

Even without that, I would use vmware or virtualbox on my laptop to setup a virtual machine and learn about FPBX15, and test configs, etc.

Your setup sounds relatively simple, just need to make sure get any legacy weirdness copied over if still needed - I usually do an audit to pin down the configuration. In addition, presumably you will be switching from the old chan_sip to the newer chan_pjsip which mainly impacts the configs on the trunks IMO.

Thanks! Yeah so thats weird thing, there are NO POTS lines period, yet I have 7 Network ATA’s converting to POTS and plugging into digium card, seems a BassAkwards to me??? No? I mean whats the point?

There are a lot of consultants who do FreePBX for a living, I’d go find someone in my area and get a quote :grinning:

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