New to FreePBX, is it possible to have multiple phone numbers on one extention?

Hi all,
I am kind of new to the whole PBX thing. I am currently running FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi 3, with one trunk and one extension, just for testing if everything works. It does work, so I want to transfer my old landline to a VOIP provider. The thing is, I want to add two phone numbers (trunks?) to FreePBX, and want to have two extensions. Let’s say I have phone number X and Y, and extension 1001 and 1002.
I want to have extension 1001 to only receive calls from phone number X, and when I dial a number it calls from number X.
The extension 1002 I want more complicated, I would like it to receive calls from both number X and Y, and when I dial a number I want it to call from number Y. I would also like to call with number X on extension 1002, so I was thinking about some prefix I would have to dial to do that. Is that possible to set up?
Sorry for the long question and bad English, but I hope someone can help me with this.
Thanks in advance!


thats the power of SIP :slight_smile:
numbers don’t relate to lines

think of the SIP trunk as the tunnel within which calls to your number travel … its not the number of DID’s thats restricts a sip trunks growth but the number of concurrent call paths (bandwidth)

hope that makes sense

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Having phone number X ring two extensions is very simple; use the Ring Group application.

Depending on the provider you chose, you may be able to have two or more numbers on the same trunk. Some would require you to set up a second trunk. A few are really limited and you would not only need two trunks, but also two accounts, funded separately.

It’s common for someone to make and receive calls on behalf of more than one organization, department or person. If you are using IP phones, or 2-line analog phones connected via an ATA, it’s usually best to set up two extensions – which line button is flashing tells you how to answer; you push the proper line button for the number you wish to send.

However, if you are using a softphone or SIP app, with some it is difficult to switch between accounts (or they don’t support multiple accounts). In that case, you would normally add a prefix to the caller ID on incoming (so you know how to answer) and use a dial prefix on outgoing.

For better advice, please post: What country are you in? Who is the provider? What extension devices do you have or plan to acquire?

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