New to FreePBX Help with external EXT

Good morning Im looking for advice i have in place a working SimplePBX system that im looking to replace with FreePBX the main reason is i have a problem with a external extension.

so i have installed a test bench of free pbx but im having the exact same problem with the mobile extension. The problem is i want to have a extension on my mobile for when im out of the office i have setup the phone using Ios Softphone and if i use the internal SKY hubs ip address of then it is working 100% in the office but as i wasnt to use this out of the office i have tried the incoming IP to the office and it registered fine but if someone calls me i can hear them and they can hear me but if i call out then they can hear me but i cant hear them .

This only happens when connected via the incoming ip address and not in im on the hubs address. im assuming this is a problem with the routing in the hub but i have had some one from SKY BB look at this and they saying it was the system and is the reason why im moving over to FreePBX.

Looking on the phone im not receiving any packets when i call out but i am when i receive calls.

Thanks in advance

One way audio is almost always a NAT problem. Since the application works in the LAN and not in the Internet, it’s almost certainly a problem with NAT. Which softphone app are you using and have you considered using Zulu for your softphone?

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