New to Asterisk seeking help and advice

Hello there, New to Asterisk, been in the telcom industry for 15+ years, Nortel, Mitel, Avaya, Toshiba, Samsung background here. Been experimenting with Asterisk, like what I have seen so far. Here’s the deal, I would like to do further testing on the Asterisk and integrate it to some extend with an Avaya Magix to allow further testing before replacing the Magix with it. I’m looking to setup FreePBX and the Magix, linking the 2 via a T-1/PRI. Will be running some SIP lines into the Asterisk, and would like to send them out a T-1/PRI to the Magix as DID’s, so the Magix would think it was from a Telco PRI. Looking for advice / help in what I would need to configure in Free PBX to basicly make a Telco PRI, I would also like to be able to access Asterisk box from the Magix, by selecting the PRI in the Magix and either dialing and extension on the FreePBX, or going out one of the SIP lines. Thanks in advance.

Simple, purchase a PRI card for your FreePBX server, configure it as CPE_NET, configure master timing on FreePBX slave on Merlin, make a T1 crossover cable and plug it in.

That’s it.

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I have a T-1 for both the asterisk and Magix, just printed some info out on the FreePBX setup, basic configuration of the T-1 looks simple enough, searching for info on how I would route, say a call in on a SIP trunk on the FreePBX out to the Magix, so that it would receive a 4 digit DID, like it would from Telco. I may be over thinking the process flow and config more than I should be?

You are over thinking it. DID’s DNIS digits are just dialed digits. You can send whatever digits you want to the Magix.

Not sure what your exact case is but you can do it in an extension in the dial field sip/trunkname/digits to feed, is the syntax.

Here is what I had in mind… 555-1212 rings into the FreePBX as a SIP or POTS Line, I would like to be able to send the call out the PRI to the Magix as a DID with the DID digits of 1212 so the Magix to route it to Ext 1212 or even be able to dial 1212 on the FreePBX and do the same thing. I am just not sure how to do it, asterisk is a completely different animal then I am use to with traditional PBX’s

You need to hook it up as I suggested then adjust the inbound and outbound routes to suit your application.

FreePBX supports digit mapping on the trunk and route side.

Oh ok, i was over thinking it lol. Thought it would be more complicated than that. Well I will play around with it then and see how it goes. Thanks

I’m having an issue getting T-1 card setuo. When i was using trixbox there was a command setup-pstn, but this doesn’t appear to be part of FreePBX, is there a similar command or does it have to be done through the CLI? I have printed out “first steps after installation” but only mentions Sangoma cards, are they the only ones supported in FreePBX, or can someone point me to documentation for other cards.

I checked dahdi_tool and it shows the T100P card, but from what documation i have found everything is refering to zaptel files, should i be looking for something different?