New to Asterisk/FreePBX/Trixbox

So I just started taking over support of our trixbox system.
It’s on our production system running all of our phones, and has FreePBX on it

Given that this is ancient, and dead from Fonality anymore I would like to migrate this to a current FreePBX distro system. I’ve downloaded the distro and built me a new FreePBX VM. What I’m looking for is a easy way to export/import/migrate all the configuration stuff from the old system to the new system so I don’t have to do everything by hand and probably miss something.
I’ve tried looking through the forums and it seems I should be able to copy the old system then redo they install on top of copied system and do a migration.

  1. Am I understanding this correctly?
  2. What do I need to copy from the old system, will doing a backup and coping the backup and unloading it on a new VM work?
  3. Is there some documentation that explains this better that I can read?
  4. other things that I probably haven’t thought of since I’m new at this.

thanks in advance.

4 - Carefully upgrade the trixbox to FreePBX 2.6 then use the bulk extensions and bulk DID modules to export. Copy the VM directories and custom sound by hand, recreate trunks, IVR’s etc.

Safest way.

To add more background to the above post. Trixbox uses an older version of FreePBX that is not forward compatible with any backup/restore options on newer FreePBX. So you can do as suggested above and then upgrade the old version of FreePBX once you import the settings…or you have to do it all manually.

My plan is to clone the production system so that I can do this without interference to it, upgrade/create a new production system in a VM that I can test off hours (once customer service closes I can play with the outside world VIOP connection).

I’m a little confused by what you mean upgrade the trixbox to FreePBX 2.6. Since FreePBX is a tool and a distro, I’m not sure what you mean by upgrading the trixbox to FreePBX 2.6. Is there some doc I can find somewhere to migrate/upgrade trixbox to FreePBX 2.6?

You can only backup/restore from the same version of FreePBX and Trixbox probably uses v2.6

Yes, Mustardman is correct. trixbox is FreePBX painted green and a version number change. The hack is based on 2.6 so you can download FreePBX 2.6 modules and install them locally on the trixbox using the embedded module admin.