New system setup question - voice mail

I have a new install on CentOS 4.5, Asterisk-1.2.24, and FreePBX-2.3. My question is why does voice mail say comedian mail instead of asterisk mail? and how do I change it.

Take a look at /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ and look for files that start with vm- these are the sound files that power every prompt in the voicemail system.

Answered my question after some digging in one of my old system.

In the past I have been using Trixbox, since the changes that have happened to this project I decided to stop using it and start building my own systems from scratch. Many of my users like the prompt that says “Asterisk Mail” so when I started to build my new systems from scratch I noticed that they say “Comedian Mail” instead.

So after some more digging I found that Trixbox was using a custom login message by the name vm-login.ulaw, that over rides the original asterisk file.