New setup for PBXact

Hi there, not sure if this is the correct place to post. Or if there’s a solution to my problems.

So I bought a new (I assume) PBXact from ebay and started to setup/configure. Along the way, I had to register a sangoma portal account. Setup was fine and all but it prompted me to update the system so I did the following CLI commands, the system updated fine to PBXact

fwconsole ma installall 
fwconsole r
yum -y update
reboot -h now

On the dashboard it says that system updates have changed etc etc. But when I click on resolve, it throws me a php exception page “This system is not licensed for Oembranding.”

So I logged into the portal page and I found that other than the account that I just registered during installation, there’s another customer name and deployment in my deployments. The appliance is also deployed to that customer name as well.

I’m guessing that my issues arose from this but I can’t be sure. Does any one have any ideas on what I should do? Maybe try a clean install? How would I retrieve the license and activate that again if I were to do that? Or is it embedded into the system?

I personally suggest to never buy any voip related stuff off of eBay, unless you want to fully support it on your own.
Normally, when you purchase a Sangoma product through Sangoma or a reseller, the product is most of the times licensed to the reseller, and if you need support with moving the license etc you contact the reseller.

I would say you should open a ticket with Sangoma to sort out this licensing issue and take it from there…

There was a thread about this a few weeks ago, and PBXact licenses are not transferable, so if you bought the unit off of EBay, you need to get with Sangoma Sales and find out what you’re going to have to do to buy support.

Yes you can:

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