New Server Created from a Backup sending OLD IP to provider. Incoming calls drop after 30 sec. No NAT

I had to create a new PBX from a backup of another one. I used a different IP address. Both installations are cloud hosted FreePBX installations and the each have their own dedicated IP addresses. No NAT.

After restoring the backup to a new server, everything seems to work fine except for incoming calls to any DID. The calls drop 30 seconds in every time.

I checked the config, and called my trunking provider. They did a trace and said when they send an invite, that the NEW (restored from old) PBX responded with the OLD IP address. I am still getting my feet wet a bit with using this software, and if this is an easy fix or has already been discussed, I apologize as I could not find much except for NAT issues.

Thanks in advance,


Check everything in Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings and ensure there are no traces of the previous IP. Restart Asterisk after changes.

Thanks! That was probably it. I just looked and found where the problem probably was.
That makes sense. The original ip setting probably got replaced during restore. I ended up rebuilding since there were only a few extensions and I was in a hurry. I appreciate your help!

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