New Sangoma P330 unable to connect to PBX directly must be provisioned by FreePBX?

I have a new P330 that will not pass the “Choose Sangoma Configuration Server” screen. I can choose an option to boot without config, I can then config an extension thta will work. But after that upon reboot it stops working again. I just want to configure it manually.

Use the EPM module of freePBX to configure the phone. It’s free…

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While I agree this would be a good solution is it the only solution? I do need set this up but just wanted a desk phone that worked in the meantime. If it’s locked this way I am not sure that I have any intention of keeping it. We have a ton of phones that are non Sangoma devices on our network and when I am ready to manage them all from EPM I will purchase the 15 licenses needed to accomplish this and go thru the setup etc. Until then I would like to know if its possible to just put the details into this phone and operate it as a standalone device. I had amazing luck years ago with the S series of phones and assumed (yes I know the old saying) :smiley: that we could manage it the same way by programming in the user details and calling it a day.

Again…you dont need an EPM license for a Sangoma phone…it’s free.

Why on earth would you bother? You’ve spent more time messing around trying to configure a phone manually than it would have taken to just provision via EPM

So if I understand correctly by the lack of responses that may lead to a manual program that the device is only compatible with automated processes.

I have it boxed up and will return it.

Thank you anyway though.

It’s a Sangoma commercial product that has free support. If you want a definitive answer you are better raising a ticket with Sangoma. Everyone else on the forum is just wondering why you seem to make life harder for yourself!

It’s like you’ve bought a brand new car that comes with a key but are determined to start it by hotwiring it! There is literally no point.

Whether it’s EPM or not, the phones are driven by their configuration files. The details regarding that can be found here:
and, for the 4_13 series of firmware here:

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