New Sangoma P310-P315 Phones

I got a google feed notification today about a new Sangoma P310 and P315 phone alert and it linked to this site. and

Anyone here have any insight into these new phones. Not finding anything on Sangoma or FreePBX websites on them.


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Rumor has it that they are not rebranded Htek phones. :wink:


The new phones were posted today.


For that cost, i’d rather buy a Clearly IP 230 :wink:

For that cost I could get a Yealink T-33P with 4 buttons and a larger screen :confused:

Where are you guys getting your pricing? MSRP on the P310 and 315 are $59 and $79 respectively. The phones you referenced are > $100.

edit: My mistake, the CIP230 is listed at $99, which is not > $100, but their store seems to be down so you can’t buy it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:


MSRP is just a number. Everyone knows street price and reseller/partner pricing is what matters.

What good is a 79.00 phone to a partner who is only getting 20% off. It does not leave much for margin to the partner. A higher MSRP with higher discount is what we hear from partners all the time is what matters the most.

Valid point Tony, but I’m just going by what I see publicly on the web. Based on prices publicly available, it seems like the P series and the CIP230 and Yealink mentioned are in different “classes.”

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