New S705 - can not hear my own voice on calls

Recently configured a new S705 among others for deciding on which handset to go with, and all went relatively well with the setup, but having one issue. When on a call, I can not hear my own voice echoed back as I do on other handsets. It is not a loud or delayed echo, just enough to hear yourself as most handsets do. The absence is definitely noticeable especially when trying a call with a different handset and then the S705 to compare.

Have poured through the settings in FreePBX and the S705 web GUI and not finding anything… is there a way to enable and/or adjust this?


Have you opened a support ticket or contacted us. This is called side tone and for are our phones do it and I just tested my phone here and it works correct.

Thanks for the reply Tony, had kind of given up on this one. I didn’t open a ticket a it seemed this was more of a config issue and not a bug. I’ll go back through the settings to see if I can find where to enable it… at least I know what it is called now. Thanks!

There is not setting for it. It’s always on. What firmware are you using?

Ok, at least I know I didn’t overlook something… did go ahead and put in a ticket since there does seem to be an issue.

I’m running the following firmware:

Product Model S705
Firmware Version BOOT– 13:37:00)
IMG– 08:40:00)
ROM– 08:40:00)
DSP–9.0.3(Patch 1.0.16)

Fairly recent (within last month) install of FreePBX from latest distro image at the time.

Had numerous people test here and we all get sidetone. Remember sidetone has to be less than 50MS most humans cant hear it. Maybe you have a bad handset. Did you try a different handset just to see and also make sure you upgrade your firmware that is old firmware.

I was testing on my S700. My S705 is always in headset mode so just tested on handset and it for sure has side tone if you blow you can hear it but it is quieter than the other model phones. I have talked with Support and they are going to chat with Engineering about increasing it a little on the S705 but its for sure their.

Thanks Tony, talking with Robert on the ticket as well. I did try a different handset (though not an exact Sangoma handset, one from one of my Aastras) and was the same, could not hear when blowing into the mic. I’ll try it in a quite environment this evening as it may be exactly as you describe, there but just not quite as loud as others. I appreciate the support and having engineering looking into bumping it up possibly. I’ll also push the latest fw705.rom I downloaded to my freePBX box and see if I can get the firmware updated as well.

Just a quick update, I have deployed v.53 and the phone updated fine so that part has been addressed. I’ll keep an eye on the firmware page and watch for any updates.

Thanks again!

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